Truth about Tailwind! is it worth it

I’m sure by now you’ve been seeing all those posts professing tailwind is some miracle worker for scheduling 1000 pins in an hour (insert eye roll) or getting 100,000 page views a month using tailwind.

It makes you question if it is the “Holy Grail” of Pinterest. So I’m going to give you the good and ugly truth about tailwind after using it for the last 4 months!

The truth about Tailwind! Is it the “holy grail” or a bust?

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I‘m sure by now you’ve been seeing all those posts professing tailwind is some miracle worker for scheduling 1000 pins in an hour (insert eye roll) or getting 100,000 page views a month using tailwind.

It makes you question if it is the “Holy Grail” of Pinterest.This post is going to give you the good and ugly truth about tailwind after using it for the last 4 months!

truth about tailwind


Tailwind is a way to manage your presence across Pinterest & Instagram. It offers a complete suite of marketing tools, including Tailwind Create, scheduling, Analytics, content discovery, Pinterest and Instagram help and education, hashtag suggestions, and more. It’s the only scheduler actually partnered with Pinterest.

It automatically pins for you on your Pinterest or Instagram. then there’s a feature pin loop, you can put your most popular pins in, which should land on your boards with a certain time-frequency. It also have seasonal loops if you want some pins to only pin in a certain season.

Lastly, there is the feature I love the most: Tribes. You can be in five groups that fall under any theme you want (I’d focus on your niche) and find tons of pins that fit the content you already like to pin to your page. Not only that, but you can add your pins in there too, to get them repinned by others to get more traffic. (We’ll get more into tribes later.. Post Soon So check back in a few days)

It’s basically an automation tool, so you don’t have to manually pin all the time. It essentially takes the headache and boredom out of pins.


We are all used to those lame annoying free trials that offer it to you for three-seven days. You forget about it or don’t use it and it charges you – correct? Tailwind doesn’t do this! (Thank you so much!)

Besides the ability to schedule and post, you also have access to:

  • Brand Profile Performance (Pinterest)
  • Pin Inspector (Pinterest)
  • Board Insights (Pinterest)
  • Monitor Your Domain (Pinterest)
  • Brand Profile Performance, (Instagram)
  • Post Inspector (Instagram)

What do you need all those for? When you know what type of content works for you – you can create more! If you notice a certain type of content is failing, then you can stop performing it.

If you want to boost your Pinterest marketing strategies, Tailwind is the perfect app for you to consider. Speaking of apps, you do get an app to use on your phone as well if you don’t want to do work on a laptop or desktop. The app doesn’t allow you to do as much as the desktop site, but it does allow you to schedule posts and add from your drafts. I prefer to use the Chrome app on my iPhone, then open the tailwind desktop site that way if I’m working on mobile though. The app definitely needs a few improvements.

 You can get a free 30-day trial here!


Let’s talk about how much Tailwind costs! After all, you don’t know if it’s worth it, unless you know how much it will eat into your blogging budget. I pay for the annual plan, which runs me $120 a year (comes out to $9.99 a month).  You can also pay $15/month on a monthly basis, but you don’t get unlimited pins. That’s one of the few things I don’t love.

tailwind prices
Tailwind prices

You’ll need to decide whether you want to pay less by paying for a year in one go or pay monthly with the benefit that if you do decide blogging isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription at any time.

One huge bonus of paying for Tailwind over a year instead of paying for it monthly is that you get various pins to schedule each month.

With the pay monthly package, you can only schedule 400 pins per month. I don’t think that is enough.

Scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram

Scheduling pins through Tailwind can be done in 2 different ways. It’s super straightforward.

You can either create your pin in Tailwind Create or you can use the browser extension 

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes

After the scheduling tool, the second most important feature of Tailwind, in my view, is Tailwind Tribes. 

Tailwind Tribes are groups of like-minded bloggers who have come together on Tailwind to help each other grow by sharing each other’s pins. 

I truly believe that Tailwind Tribes has been a huge factor in increasing my blog traffic and getting me that much-needed exposure as a newbie blogger.

When you join a tribe, you will notice that many of the top bloggers are members, and when one of them shares your pin, it can send your blog traffic into orbit.

The exposure that Tailwind Tribes can give your blog is truly mind-blowing.


This part of Tailwind provides you with raw data regarding how your profile, pins, and boards are performing.It’s super advantageous, as it allows you to get a real feel for what is working on your profile and what’s not.

Smart Loop

The smart loop allows you to set up a loop schedule of your best-performing pins to keep your account active and to ensure that your leading pins are pinned to your boards on a recurring basis.

The smart loop sets itself up so that your pins are only pinned once every few months, so that you don’t come across as spammy. It avoids the problem that Pinterest had with Board Booster that I mentioned earlier.

Smart loop is particularly useful if you pin seasonal content, as you can set it up so it pins your seasonal content at the right time of year.

truth about tailwind
truth about tailwind
Shared Hosting for just $2.88/mo

The Good & Ugly

The Good

  •  Only official Pinterest scheduling tool, so you can be confident that Pinterest is comfortable with you using it
  • The scheduler is simple and easy to use
  • Tailwind Insights are helpful at showing you what’s work for you and what isn’t
  • My FAV Tribes, Tailwind Tribes are an awesome way to get more eyes on your pins
  • You get a 30-day free trial
  • Can either pay monthly or yearly
  • Has substantially upped my traffic in the 4 months I’ve started using it

The Ugly

  • The app doesn’t do much
  • Extra charges with additional smart loops, tribes submissions and memberships, and others
  • Kinda pricey, but I feel it’s worth it (again, these are my views after using it 4 months).

So has Tailwind worked for me?

I started my blog 8 months ago and started using tailwind 4 months ago. I am 100% convinced that Tailwind has produced a noticeable difference to the growth of my blog. Definitely has taken the time and headache out of having to pin manually. This is invaluable to me. I homeschool the oldest and chase a toddler. Along with managing The Blunt Mommy. So not wasting my time is always super important.

I have observed a steady rise in my blog traffic over the last 4 months. And I expect it is partly due to Tailwind. Kind of hard to imagine it’s not when it’s the only thing I changed. At the time of writing this, I have only reached 5,000 visitor sessions. I’ve had my best day this week with over 1000 views to my blog. Originally, I was only getting 48 sessions before. I believe those results speak for themselves.

Starting over, I would have no issues purchasing it again.

Test Tailwind here for 30 days free!!

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What other must-have tools do you recommend?



  1. I’m toying with the idea of paying for Tailwind for one year, but I still need to finish learning the basics of it on my free plan. You’re definitely convincing me to look into it when I jump on the bandwagon! Thanks for the info!

  2. Your welcome!!! To me it was definetly worth it to pay for yearly because the free plan just didnt offer me as many pins as i needed because i really pin a ton between this blog and my other The Blunt Mommy !!

  3. Thank you so much. I’ve seriously been considering Tailwind so it’s nice to read others reviews and thoughts on it.

  4. Your welcome!! I got sick of only seeing pins praising it but not really saying what was wrong with it because nothing is that good lol one main thing that makes it worth paying for is if not I end up paying for way more power ups then I should lol like the one to add more pins or to join more tribes

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