Tips drive more traffic

So you started a blog… now what? What types of blog posts should you write? How do you drive traffic? What the heck is SEO?
That’s why I put together this list of the most important posts to drive traffic to your blog. These are tried and true blog post formats that are guaranteed to help you drive traffic to your blog and build an audience. 

Posts to use to drive more traffic to your blog

You started a blog… now what? What types of blog posts should you write? How do you drive traffic? What the heck is SEO? 

You’re not alone, if you’ve spent hours staring at the screen and drawing a blank, on what to post. Easiest part is ACTUALLY starting a blog, but figuring out how to actually write an incredible, mind-blowing blog post that drives traffic to your site can be exhausting. 

This is why I have put together this list of the most important posts to increase traffic to your blog. These are tried-and-true content types that are guaranteed to help you increase traffic to your blog and attract an audience. 

5 Important posts to drive traffic to your blog

These are types of blog posts that will help you drive traffic to your blog and keep your readers’ interest instead of bore them or make them bounce right off your site.

Tips and Tricks

Sharing tips and tricks with your readers is an excellent way to provide value and create blog posts that will be popular. The goal is to share “quick wins” with your readers that they can do easily to reach their desired goals. Make sure you solve your readers’ problems.

Examples of tips and tricks posts to drive traffic:

  • 10 Tips for a better blog post
  • The One Secret Trick to writing better
  • 15 Strategies for Growing Your blog Traffic with SEO
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Foundational posts

This is one of the most valuable types of blog posts you can have.

A foundational post is a highly detailed, in-depth blog post related to the topic of your blog or your “niche”. “cornerstone content, also known as, for your blog. Meaning it’s what almost all your blog posts focus on.

Examples of foundational posts to drive traffic:

  • The Ultimate Guide to starting your business for under $100
  • How to bake a chocolate cake
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling Your Kids

Foundational posts should be tailored to your niche. Try to make your content as relevant, helpful, easy to read, help your readers and are detailed as possible, and link to these posts often in your other blog posts.

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Important blog posts to drive Traffic

The “How – To” post

How-to guides & tutorials are trending right now, because they help your reader solve a problem and learn something new that they want/need at that moment. Think about how often you’ve Googled or searched on Pinterest for how to do something.

Other people are doing the same task as you search to solve a problem or learn something. You can help them by writing a MIND-BLOWING how-to post to solve their problem.

Examples of how-to posts to drive traffic:

  • How I Got Rid of $75,000 in Debt in One Year
  • How to Make DIY Bath Bombs & sugar scrubs
  • How to make time for self-care

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Roundup” Post

Round-up posts are blog posts where you round up a bunch of related content and put it all in one place.

You could round up your favorite resources, interview other bloggers in your niche on a certain topic, or create a round-up of content from other bloggers, or round up your own leading blog posts. The options are endless with a round-up post!

Examples of round-up posts to drive traffic:

  • 20 secret makeup tools from makeup experts
  • 10 Best Tools for New Bloggers
  • 25 Festive DIY Easter Decorations You’ll Love
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“List Post”

A list post is exactly what it sounds like! An extensive list of ideas, tips, items, etc.

Everyone likes list posts due to their perceived value. They put a bunch of dope ideas into one place, which is super convenient. This type of blog post always seems to do well-being shared on social media and blog posts.

Examples of list posts to drive traffic:

  • 22 Creative Ways decorate for the holidays
  • 7 Habits of Healthy Eating
  • 100 Snow Day Activities for Kids


Hopefully, this list of the most important posts to drive traffic to your blog helps grow your traffic, like it has mine. I also implement much of these in my email marketing and social media, and have noticed a ton of traffic from those!

It’s better to publish only one brilliant, in-depth, mind-blowing blog post per month than to publish tons of short, messy, uninteresting posts weekly. Never sacrifice quality for quantity with your writing.

One thing I’m trying to be better at, and I recommend, is committing to a schedule

  • Once a week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every other week
  • Once a month (at least)


Be sure to comment on any other post formats I missed, so we can continue to help new bloggers be their best from the start!