The BIG Secret to grow your blog

Psst…I have a secret to share.
Not many successful bloggers – including me – have ever mentioned the one thing that can grow your blog.

If you’re brand new to blogging or you’re interested in starting a blog, you might want to know whether blogging is worth it?

Psst…I have a secret to share to grow your blog Traffic

Not many successful bloggers – including me – have ever mentioned the one thing that can grow your blog .

If you’re brand new to blogging or you’re interested in starting a blog, you might want to know whether blogging is worth it and how to grow your blog , huh?

Why start something that won’t be successful or no one will want to read ?

Why start a website only to have your husband or mom visit it?

Secret to grow your blog

Is a blog for you ?

When I first started Trying this blog thing I had no visitors.

I was writing for the wrong audience, and it was only when I was more authentic that I began to attract the right audience.

Now, after 6 months have followers, subscribers, comments, shares and now income from my blog.

I figured my “it” out and my blog started growing. But, for many new bloggers, their focus gets lost. You’re not growing fast enough or at all. Or, you seen the “Make $1000 in a week with a blog” posts and set UNREALISTIC goals and didn’t accomplish what the others did so you quit.

I get you.

blogging is hard, especially if you’re a parent. Its also not a get rich quick type thing either. Its alot of work , time and stress but i promise you it Will be worth it in the end.

Most bloggers don’t last 6 months because they set themselves up for failure from the beginning


You have to deal with your children, your house , if you’re like me homeschool and a job if this isn’t your main hustle.

anyways , lets get back to that point of whether a blog is for you. Ill give you a hint … is!

Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

You notice other influential bloggers earning a killing (or so some say) on their blog and you want that too. But how can you make money from blogging? Let’s look at the top ways here.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate income blogging. Even as a beginner . Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service and when someone uses your special link and buys that product, you earn a commission from that

For example, if you do the Amazon associates program and rave about your Air Fryer and link to it from Amazon, you can earn a commission if someone uses this special link and buys from Amazon.

There are many ways to promote your Affiliate product. One way is to create an income generating post. This is a post that lives on your blog and produces sales daily.

For other ways to promote your affiliate products, be sure to read my post Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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    Create a Product

    Another way a new blogger can start earning an income from blogging is to create a product. This can be an eBook, course, printable,templates etc… This is the best way for sustainable income over the long run but can be the most challenging starting and finish this project.

    Start a Service

    This is the first way I started making money online three years ago. I became a Virtual assistant and Social media manager . As a mom , this was easy for me to earn a full-time income within months.

    This one thing you will grow your blog

    blogging takes time and patience. It’s exhausting and stressful in the beginning , but there’s one thing that holds true for any blog in any niche.

    Wanna know the secret that will help your blog grow and become a success?

    Do something for your blog every day.

    I know it sounds simple, but there are many bloggers who fail.

    They neglect their blog, they don’t share their posts, they don’t post to social media and their passion is gone.

    If you do not do something for your blog daily, your blog will not thrive. Now these ain’t always on your blog or your site, but they are to help your blog

    Maybe it’s a Facebook Live , Instagram reel, pinterest or an email you send to your loyal subscribers.

    Whatever that piece of content is, it’s all for your blog and your end goal and will help grow your blog

    Do Something For Your Blog Every Day

    That’s the secret! Work on doing something to help your blog inch forward daily. I know it’s easy to push your blog to the last thing on your list, but try to do AT LEAST one thing for your blog daily.

    Do you want to earn more money?

    Do you want to grow your blog?

    Your blog can help you do that and sooooo more just believe in yourself and don’t give up just because you’re not getting the unrealistic results you see on social media

    What other secrets to growing your blog can you share with beginners to help them ??