What’s the perfect length for a blog post

If you google the what’s the perfect length for a blog post , you will likely find different advice from blogging experts that your blog…

If you google the what’s the perfect length for a blog post , you will likely find different advice from blogging experts that your blog posts should be longer or shorter. Some experts even say they should be split into bite-sized pieces of information. This conflicting information can send your head spinning.

So What’s Exactly The Perfect Length For A Blog Post ?

Is it 500, 1000, 1500,2000 or words or more?
This was a question I kept annoying myself with when I started blogging.
… And, you probably do too.

Nobody likes to spend two or more hours writing an article that contains 2,000 or more words when you don’t have to. It’s about making the most of your time. So, What exactly is the perfect length for a blog post ?

Blog posts are like conversations

There will be times when you just want to share only a short message, tip, or tutorial. If that’s the case, try to keep your posts at least 300 words, throw in a pretty picture and an excellent headline and call it a day.
There will be times when you may want to dig in a little deeper. Then judge how long you think it should be.

 Search Engines Love Long Articles

It’s worth mentioning that search engines like Google seem to LOVE long articles. This is why SEO experts opt for extensive articles. According to their analysis, posts with more than 1,000 words offer the searcher an enriched context to identify the topic, also the more words to index.
The more pages your website has indexed in Google, the better the chances of a better ranking in the SERPs. This way you can get more qualified visits and amplify the reach of your content.

Why Short Posts Can Be More Practical?

We’ve got shorter attention spans. The Internet has made us want instant gratification. And, short articles do just that. They give you the answer you need as quickly as possible. There are no lengthy explanations or stories. For this reason, Google’s search results now also include special snippets that try to answer your requests almost immediately.
Short posts on mobile devices are easier to read. Mobile devices make it a bit harder to read longer posts. Besides all the scrolling, the small screen and text make your eyes work harder.

We’re All In A Rush. And In Most Cases We Want To Consume Information As Quickly As Possible.

You can create more posts. That’s one of the biggest benefits for me as a blogger. This helps as it cuts down time and effort spent on writing.

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Extended Posts

Extended posts, also known as long-form content, allow you to delve deeper into a topic.
Its length allows you to expand to several sub-topics within the main theme.
This will allow you to offer your readers more information. And when done accurately, it provides more value for them.

For this reason, extended posts are of crucial importance to the building authority in your niche. They give you the credibility and the help establish yourself as an expert on the topic.
They get all the information they need on this topic, they not only stay there longer, but they are also more likely to search for more worthwhile content within your website.

However, the disadvantage of extended blog posts is they take up significant time. They are more difficult to create and require more research than short posts.

Do A Mix Of Blog Post Types

To create your blog content a little more organic, the best advice I can give you is to create a mix of long and short blog posts. You also need to avoid forcing yourself to stick with a specific word count when you are writing, that can stump your creative flow and stop you from creating GREAT stuff. If you don’t have tons to say, keep it short and sweet.

Then write your heart out on the posts you have to say. The trick for longer contributions posts is to make sure that you break them up into small paragraphs, also add subheadings and headings to make it easier to read the content and keep readers informed. Kepp it up and soon you’ll find you perfect length for a blog post!

While Creating Content, Remember, Have Fun And Enjoy The Writing Process!


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